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Amarillo Chiropractor | Dr. Todd Whitehead

Dr. Whitehead comes from a family of chiropractors.

Amarillo Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Whitehead

Dr. Todd Whitehead

His grandfather, Dr. R.N. Whitehead practiced in Dumas, Texas for 35 years until his death in 1983. His father, Dr. John Whitehead practiced for 35 years until his death in 2005. Dr. Todd says, “I grew up in a chiropractic family and was fortunate enough to be able to witness the great successes that chiropractic afforded to my grandfather and father’s patients. This inspired me to begin a career in chiropractic.” Dr. Todd did his undergraduate work at Texas Tech University. He then underwent his training at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Interestingly, Palmer was where Dr. R.N. and Dr. John both graduated from. In fact, Dr. John was born in Davenport while Dr. R.N. was in college and Dr. Todd was born in Davenport while Dr. John was in college. No, Dr. Todd’s three sons were all born in Amarillo. Dr. Todd states, “We kind of broke the tradition. Part of it we carried on by going to Palmer, but my children were born in Texas.”

Dr. Todd started his practice in the fall of 1995. He immediately began in private practice and has remained so. His practice has taken on a different form over the last several years. He states, “I always wanted my patients to have access to the best of conservative, non-surgical spine care in one office. We accomplished that by adding supportive services to our office and welcoming a licensed physical therapist as well as a licensed massage therapist to the practice.” Dr. Whitehead states, “That concept had never been offered in Amarillo, or for that matter, this entire region of Texas. Since our changes, we get better results than ever, our patients retain those results longer and are more satisfied than ever.” He further states, “Not all our patients see both a chiropractor and physical therapist in this office. Our strength is evaluating you, your needs and goals and then tailoring a program to suit you. Sometimes our patients see only the chiropractic department and sometimes they see only the physical therapy department. “Another of our strengths is our motto,” Whitehead adds, “If we can help you we will let you know, if not we will help find someone who can.” He adds, “I know our patients sense that we are on their side and that their needs come first in this office.” Just another reason that Dr. Whitehead believes that the service and care offered at Amarillo Spine and Rehabilitation Center is the finest Amarillo has to offer in the non-surgical approach to spine care.

On a Personal Note…

Dr. Whitehead and his wife Gerri have three sons. His family enjoys golf, hunting, camping and family time.


1995 – Palmer College of Chiropractic
1987-1991 – Texas Tech University


  • Texas Chiropractic Association: Mid-Winter Meeting, 2001. Awarded the President’s Award for outstanding service in chiropractic in Texas.
  • Texas Chiropractic Association: Annual Convention, 2005. Awarded the prestigious Texas Young Chiropractor of the Year Award for outstanding service to the profession of chiropractic in Texas.
  • Texas Chiropractic Association: Annual Convention, 2008. Awarded The 2008 Directors’ Award of Honor for exemplary leadership, unwavering dedication and valiant service to the profession of chiropractic in Texas.

Membership Affiliations:

1. Texas Chiropractic Association Member

  • 2 Term previous board of director (6 years)
  • Department Coordinator for Scientific Affairs:  2005-2006
  • Department Coordinator for External Affairs:  2006-2007
  • Chairman, Insurance Relations Committee:  2007-2013

2. American Chiropractic Association

  • Governor’s Advisory Cabinet 2002-2013
  • Local Liaison Program:  State Liaison 2007-2013

3. Amarillo Executive Association

  • Executive Committee Member: Treasurer 2004-2005

Courses Taught:

  • February 22-24, 2013: Lubbock, Texas: TCA Mid-Winter Conference with TBCE Required Hours. 1.5 hours taught to licensed chiropractors regarding Clinical Coding and Documentation.
  • June 6, 2013: Austin, Texas: TCA 2013 Annual Convention. 1.5 hours taught to licensed chiropractors regarding Clinical Coding and Compliant Documentation Procedures.

Hospital Privileges:

Surgery Center on Soncy, performing Manipulation Under Anesthesia.

Post Graduate Training:

Dr. Whitehead participates in a required minimum of 16 hours of continuing education every year. Dr. Todd takes continuing education very seriously so as to stay on top of the rapid changes in science, as well as the delivery of healthcare. Read more about his post graduate training here…

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