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Amarillo Chiropractors FAQ

Amarillo TX chiropractor, Dr. Todd Whitehead and his chiropractic team have provided answers below to some of the common questions they receive about chiropractic care. If you have additional questions, please give Precision Chiropractic a call. We are here to help!

Can You Help With My Condition?

Amarillo Chiropractors FAQ

Our doctors are wonderfully skilled at listening, examining and diagnosing your condition.  Once we have a diagnosis we will advise you the best way to treat it.  If the best treatment available is to undergo care in this office we will advise you.  If your best option is another doctor we will advise you of that too.  We will also make the referral to the right doctor for you.

Are you one of those guys who claims they can cure everything?

No!  Our doctors have a very strong Chiropractic philosophy to health and wellness, but we also are very prudent when it comes to recommending care to our patients.  We will always make sure that we are making the best scientific and evidenced based recommendations for your conditions as possible.  Our office receives a great share of the medical doctor referrals to chiropractors in Amarillo.  This is based in trust that we strive to do what is best for our patients.

Can someone see a chiropractor if they have had back or neck surgery?

Certainly.  There is no reason whatsoever a person that has had spine surgery cannot see a chiropractor.  That said, great care is placed on patient protection and our procedures take into account any surgery that has been done in the past.  Our procedures are geared to get the best out of the spine you have, and to work around the surgical areas.  We understand your concerns and even some of you have been told by your surgeon “never see a chiropractor.” In fact, that seemingly helpful and benign recommendation from the surgeon can actually be very detrimental to your well-being and longevity.  In fact, recent spine studies state that for chronic back pain, Chiropractic is your best bet. Our office receives many referrals from spine surgeons and we work in concert with them to get our patients the best care.  If we cannot help you, we will let you know right away.

Why did you decide to become a chiropractor?

Dr. Whitehead followed in his grandfather and dad’s footsteps.  Dr. Whitehead says, “I never knew my dad and granddad were quacks until I was 21 years old and in Chiropractic college.” Until then, all I knew was that everyone loved them, that they helped thousands and thousands of people and they took care of me my entire childhood.  A lot has changed in the last 20 years.  At no time in the history of the Chiropractic profession (dating back to 1895), has the scientific literature been so overwhelmingly in favor of what we do.  We have gone from really happy patients with great results and no science to back it up, to really happy patients with great results with mountains of science and treatment guidelines recommending spinal adjustments above all other treatment for neck and back problems.  This profession’s struggle to help their patients, in spite of organized medicine’s attempt to illegally “financially contain and eliminate the Chiropractic profession” drove me to choose it as my own, and drives me every day.  (See federal anti-trust case Wilk vs AMA for more information).

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give Precision Chiropractic a call today!

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