Spinal Decompression

When you have back pain, the search for a treatment that works well for you may be difficult. Fortunately, if you live in or around Amarillo, TX, your search may be over with the help of the doctors at Precision Chiropractic. We may recommend chiropractic care that consists of a natural treatment known as spinal decompression.


What is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is a tool used in chiropractic care that consists of your chiropractor asking you to lay face down on a table. The chiropractor will connect you to a series of rigging that will gently pull your spine in different directions simultaneously. This separates the vertebrae and discs from one another to alleviate pressure on your sensitive discs and nerves.

In most cases, you'll need multiple treatments before you'll experience the desired results. On average, you will need between 20 to 28 treatments to feel the total effect. Each one of these sessions tends to last between 30 to 45 minutes.

This treatment is often used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatments for optimal results. For instance, your chiropractor may use this treatment along with exercise therapy to strengthen your back and promote healing simultaneously.

The Uses of Spinal Decompression

Your chiropractor may recommend spinal decompression therapy if you have sciatica. Other medical issues may also be a reason why your chiropractor recommends this treatment, such as neck pain. The chiropractor may recommend spinal decompression if you have a herniated or bulging disc or even degenerative disc disease. Also, we may advise you to have this treatment if you have injured a spinal root.

The Benefits of Spinal Decompression

First and foremost, spinal decompression that is provided by a chiropractor is non-surgical, so you won't have a recovery period once you complete the treatment. After you receive the treatment, you may return to work and your other normal activities almost instantly. 
Secondly, spinal decompression is a natural treatment, which means you don't have the risk of addiction to pain medication or serious negative side effects. Spinal decompression is a safe procedure that doesn't cause nausea and other unpleasant symptoms like certain pain medication. It also doesn't cause long-term damage to your organs.

Spinal decompression also reduces pressure on the discs in your back, so they're able to heal properly. When you remove the pressure on your back, you can increase blood flow throughout your back. Therefore, your discs can receive the essential nutrients that are in your blood to promote healing. 

Spinal Decompression in Amarillo, TX

If you live in or around Amarillo, TX, and you are considering spinal decompression as a part of your pain relief treatment, call the doctors at Precision Chiropractic today at (806) 358-3595 to schedule an appointment. Spinal decompression might be the answer you’ve been looking for as a safe and drug-free source of pain relief.



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