Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM) FAQs

Chiropractic care utilizes many treatment techniques to help patients achieve pain relief and restore movement. One of these techniques is called Active Therapeutic Movement, or ATM. Precision Chiropractic in Amarillo, TX, is here to answer some of the most common questions about this chiropractic care technique.


What Is Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM)?

ATM is a technique that utilizes very specific corrective exercises to help restore range of motion and mobility. You will usually stop in your tracks the second an area is injured or in pain. You likely will not stretch or move to avoid pain and discomfort. Doing this can lead to even more pain and prevent an injury from healing. ATM uses gentle exercises to rebuild the patient’s ability to move without pain.  

Is ATM Safe?

Yes, ATM is a safe chiropractic technique. It is a completely natural technique designed to remove restrictions in your body that impede the natural healing process. You might feel slight discomfort as you gently push past your current movement boundaries. Let your provider know if you experience intense pain or other symptoms during treatment. Your movements might need to be modified.  

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Every patient is different, as are their symptoms, injury, and tolerance for movement. Some patients will only need a few treatments, while others may require several over weeks or months. Each treatment plan is highly personalized to the individual and will be adjusted if necessary.  

What Is ATM Used to Treat?

Various types of conditions and lifestyle factors can benefit from ATM. It is very beneficial for recovering from surgery, as it enhances and speeds up your recovery. It is also helpful for people who:

  • have sustained a sports or car accident injury
  • live in chronic pain from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia
  • live sedentary lifestyles, such as office workers

Your chiropractor will determine the best course of treatment. You will have ATM added to your treatment plan if it will help your symptoms or injury.

Experience ATM With Your Amarillo, TX, Chiropractor

ATM can be a great way to help you reduce pain and gain a better range of motion, so contact Precision Chiropractic in Amarillo, TX, to get the treatment you need to move like you used to. Learn more about ATM and how it can benefit you by calling (806) 358-3595 to schedule an appointment with our team.



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