Spinal Decompression FAQs

If you suffer from low back pain due to a herniated or bulging disc, your main concern is finding optimal relief. Through spinal decompression, our Amarillo chiropractors can help provide that relief. At Precision Chiropractic, we can reduce your back pain or discomfort and prevent it from reoccurring through spinal decompression treatment. Here are some frequently asked questions patients often have about spinal decompression.


What is spinal decompression?

Spinal decompression is a type of stretching therapy used by our chiropractors to alleviate pain caused by spinal-related conditions or injuries such as herniated disc, bulging disc, ruptured disc, slipped disc, or degenerative disc disease. This chiropractic treatment offers an alternative to using prescription drugs or undergoing surgery for pain relief.

How does spinal decompression therapy work? 

Spinal decompression makes use of a customized traction table for greater precision in stretching your spine to achieve pain relief. Our Amarillo chiropractors will stretch your spine at specified locations where spinal discs have become misaligned or injured. Stretching your spine makes room for discs to return to proper alignment. It also creates a vacuum in your spinal column to allow more blood to reach afflicted areas. This blood carries vital nutrients that can help accelerate your healing process.

Who’s a good candidate for spinal decompression?

Spinal decompression is designed to reduce pain and promote healing of spinal disc injuries and degenerative disc conditions. If you suffer from a herniated disc, bulging disc, slipped or ruptured disc, disc tears, sciatica, or spinal stenosis, you are a good candidate for this treatment. An evaluation from our chiropractors will determine if you can benefit from spinal decompression therapy.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

How many sessions you need depends on the type and extent of your spinal condition or injury. At Precision Chiropractic, we customize our treatment plans to suit our patients’ individual needs. Most patients experience pain relief after their first session. We’ll monitor your progress to ensure you’re getting the most from your therapy.

Is spinal decompression the best option for me?

Before recommending spinal decompression treatment, our chiropractors will thoroughly evaluate your injury or condition. We’ll assess your medical history, take note of your symptoms, review your spinal alignment and conduct a comprehensive physical exam to accurately diagnose your condition. This will help us determine if spinal decompression is the best course of action for you.

See Our Amarillo, TX Chiropractors for Spinal Decompression Treatment

To schedule a consultation for spinal decompression treatment, contact Precision Chiropractic in Amarillo at 806-358-3595. Chiropractic care offers you a safe, non-invasive, drug-free means of dealing with back pain. Contact our office today to learn more about the various services we have to offer.    



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